About Us

Welcome! My name is Chelsea and I am the owner of Oh Sew Darling. My husband and I have worked very hard at growing this little business to what it is today. 

What started out as a hobby quickly became a full blown business. After the birth of our 3rd little, I decided to try and work from home. Little did I know where we would be just 3 years later! We are truly blessed with the best customers!

My husband, Randyn has just recently ventured over to working with me and we are working on getting his side of the business up and running. It will mainly be woodworking, with a few other custom option in between! We love working with each other and creating custom pieces! All of our items are handmade/hand crafted by us! The embroidery and vinyl work is created by myself and my assistant, Ashley. All of our woodwork items are made from scratch by Randyn and often personalized by myself :-)

We take pride in our work. I try to purchase items before I offer them for sale so that I can test them out myself and give my own personal opinion on them. I want to be able to tell you how an item feels, how big the bag actually is, or if you need to order up a size in a specific shirt. The woodwork - we pretty much have every piece we offer for ourselves. Mainly because we want to test it out for ourselves first. We know that if we love our items, then you hopefully will love them too!

We are just a normal little Tennessee family trying to grow our business and provide for our family :-) We have 3 littles who light up our world and also keep us on our toes. 

Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to click around the site. We are always just a email or phone call away if you need anything!